About Jordan Hamilton

I am a Minneapolis based multi-disciplinary visual artist. My work explores the embodiment of spirit & expression of cosmic & elemental energy through semi-abstract narratives. feelings, color, line, forms, My approach to design is rooted in & influenced by weaving, textile art, stained glass, calligraphy, graffiti, architecture, sacred geometry, typography & nature. I began painting in 2005 & since expanded my practice to include sculpture, collage, performance, puppetry, mixed media, textile, design & sonic art.


Community & Teaching Art

insert description of youth work with Hope, JXTA, PUC, HOTB, etc, + carousal images of working with youth

Ancestral Aspects

In 2018 I launched Ancestral Aspects as energetic space for bridging spirit aspirations & connections to Earthly transformations & expressions. In my endeavors to deepen my connection to my personal lineage, Spirits Known & Unknown. I know I come from a lineage of artists, fabric artists. Combining my passion of function, fashion & form with re-purposing & reworking & remixing existing materials